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elven glare
elven_ranger wrote in devon_england

Seeking medieval history enthusiasts to join new group forming in south Devon (UK obviously..) which was "talked about" last year, and is being got underway this year, finally!  
We are a lively group of hobbyists, who are interested in studying and portraying the medieval period, and the "heresies" and controversies of the time, from a balanced, unbiased viewpoint. It is a friendly, inclusive group, members are welcome regardless of nationality, religion, gender, etc.  - we would like to make it abundantly clear that we are not any kind of racist or religious-ist group, and such people joining with that kind of attitude in mind would not be tolerated, even a large percentage of our members are not, in real life, Christian even! We just all share a deep interest in the history and mythos of the Templars, and the world in which they lives.
You do not need to play Templar characters - in fact it would be great to have a team of people interested in portrating many walks of life, and from all "sides", to present a full viewpoint of the time.
We are also not a "neo-Templar" or "Masonic" group, although we will quite happily explore the myths and legends in that area as well.

We have made a few appearances in the spring just gone, have some projects taking place in August, and already have been approached to appear at various events next year...


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